RX-78-2 Gundam


The RX-78-2 was the second of three Gundam prototype units constructed on Side 7 in UC 0079, as part of the Earth Federation’s V Project. Built to complement the long-range unit Guntank and mid-range support unit Guncannon, the Gundam was designed to be a highly mobile, close range machine with advanced weaponry beyond that used by Zeon’s machines. A raid by Zeon forces on Side 7 resulted in heavy damage to the other two RX-78 units built on the colony. However the RX-78-2, repelled the Zeon intruders.

The Gundam was incredibly advanced for its time. Built from lightweight Luna Titanium Alloy, its frame was both lighter than that of Zeon’s mass-produced mobile suits and much sturdier, able to shrug off a Zaku II’s machine gun fire with little to no damage. The Gundam would engage in most battles with its beam rifle making it the first mobile suit to have firepower equivalent to a battleship beam cannon. In addition, it made use of two beam sabers, blades of extremely hot plasma which could cut through any metal with ease.

In terms of technology, the Gundam is equipped with a sophisticated Learning Computer which collects pilot and enemy data during skirmishes and allow the Gundam to operate more effectively. The data from the computer was used by the Federation to improve the controls of the Gundam’s mass-produced form, the RGM-79 GM and its intended successor unit, the RX-78NT-1 Gundam “Alex”.

The Gundam alsp makes use of the Core Block System implemented in the other V Project units. The torso of the Gundam is mostly hollow so that a FF-X7 Core Fighter can dock with it. This allows the pilot to jettison the legs and torso of the Gundam should the Gundam be too heavily damaged and gives the pilot a chance to escape from battle


Weight: 60.0 tons
Height: 18.0 m
MV: -3 MR: 7
FMA: 7
GMA: 10
MP: +23%
PP: OC Hot (XS5)
Cockpit (FF-X7 Core Fighter)
Crew: 1
Control: Screen
Sensors: Main – 5700 m (Head)
Backup – 1000 m (Torso)

Servo Kills SP CA Thrusters Other
Head 3 5 - - Main Sensors
Torso 6 5 - - Back Up Sensors
Pod - 4 - 7 FMA -
R. Arm 5 5 - - -
L. Arm 5 5 - - Shield SP7 DA+3
R. Leg 5 5 - - -
L. Leg 5 5 - - -

Armor Type: Luna Titanium (DC 2)

Weapon WA Range Damage BV Ammo BR Other
2 Beam Sabers +1 Melee 8K - - - EMW, HH
Vulcan Cannons +0/-4 3/9 4K 5 100 - HH
M79 Beam Rifle +2/-4 16/256 10K - 20® - HH
380mm Bazooka +0/-4 6/36 10K - 10/clip 1 HH

RX-78-2 Gundam

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