The RGM-79 GM is a mass-produced mobile suit based on the technology of the RX-78-2 Gundam. The basic frame was suited for a fairly high level of mobility, for the time, both on Earth and in space while at the same time proved easily adaptable to modifications that could be developed into mission specific GM models.

Overall, the RGM-79 GM was superior in almost all aspects compared to the Zeon’s Zaku II mobile suit. And, to compensate for Zeon’s initially being more experienced in mobile suit warfare, the Federation started with the ‘quantity over quality’ approach. By the time of the GM’s true introduction at the Battle of Jaburo, the Zeon forces had already started production of the MS-09B Dom, a mobile suit that performed slightly better than the GM but not appreciably more-survivable or deadlier against the GM’s weaponry. When the war went back into space, the GM actually outperformed the MS-09R Rick Doms in most ways and were outperformed later by the MS-14 Gelgoogs; unfortunately for Zeon, the Rick Doms and Gelgoogs would be held up by the bickering Zabi family politics and the equally-serious ineptitude of high-level Zeon commanders preoccupied with bringing down the White Base and the Gundam. In the end, the Rick Dom was produced in too few numbers and the Gelgoog wouldn’t be deployed until the last two weeks of the war.

By the time the Gelgoogs entered service, they were piloted mostly by novice pilots and fresh recruits against a superior number of battle-hardened Federation counterparts, a situation that also plagued the surviving Zaku IIs and even the MS-05B Zaku I that were forced to soldier on due to the scarcity of new mobile suits. It is then when Federation victory became all but guaranteed


Weight: 58.8 tons
Height: 18.5 m
MV: -5 MR: 5
FMA: 8
GMA: 6
MP: +21%
PP: OC Hot (XS5)
Crew: 1
Control: Screen
Sensors: Main – 6000 m (Head)
Backup – 1000 m (Torso)

Servo Kills SP CA Thrusters Other
Head 2 4 - - Main Sensors
Torso 4 4 - - Back Up Sensors
Pod - 4 - 7 FMA -
R. Arm 4 4 - - -
L. Arm 4 4 - - Shield SP7 DA+3
R. Leg 4 4 - .5 FMA -
L. Leg 4 4 - .5 FMA -

Armor Type: Titanium (DC 1)

Weapon WA Range Damage BV Ammo BR Other
Beam Saber +1 Melee 8K - - - EMW, HH
Vulcan Cannons +0/-4 3/9 4K 5 100 - HH
M79 Beam Rifle +2/-4 16/256 10K - 15® - HH
Type 37 Rifle +0/-4 8/64 4K 3 40/clip - HH
MG79 Machine Gun +1/-4 7/49 3K 3 40/clip - HH
MR 82 MG Rifle -1/-4 7/49 3K 3 60/clip - HH
A12 Beam Rifle +2/-4 16/256 9K - 15® - HH
A14 Beam Sniper +3/-2 24/576 12K - - HH
Bazooka -1/-4 5/25 8K - 7/clip 1 HH
360mm Bazooka +0/-4 6/36 8K - 8/clip 1 HH
Missile Launcher -2/-4 7/49 9K - 6 1 HH
Type 09 Cannon +2/-4 18/324 6K - 10/clip - HH


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